Terms of Service

Before you start using our app and website, make sure to carefully read these Terms of Service (referred to as ToS) to understand the rules.

Our terms of service may change from time to time to match the updates we make to our app and website, all aimed at making our users happy. Make sure to check the date on the terms of service regularly so you know about any changes we’ve made.

Embracing the Terms of Service

By using our app and website, you agree to follow our rules and Terms of Service. If you don’t agree with any part of them, please don’t use our app and website.

Qualifying Beneficiaries of our Proffered Services (End-Users)

Our proffered services are intended for end-users who qualify as beneficiaries. These individuals are the primary recipients of the services we provide. They are the ones who benefit directly from the products, solutions, or assistance that we offer. Our focus is on meeting the needs and requirements of these end-users, ensuring that they receive the support and value they deserve. By catering to the qualifying beneficiaries of our services, we aim to make a positive impact and enhance their overall experience.

Components Intrinsic to our Offerings

SnapTikTok creates and shares a variety of content, including visuals, records, text, and services on their website. You can explore and enjoy this collection of materials that follow certain guidelines to maintain a balanced experience.

Users’ Obligations

When you use SnapTikTok’s website and interact with their products and services, make sure to follow the rules in our Terms of Service. Also, remember to comply with the laws and guidelines in your area.

It’s really important to understand that SnapTikTok can’t be blamed if any laws are broken, whether you do it or someone else does because of you.

It’s important to follow the rules when using SnapTikTok. Make sure you behave properly and follow the laws where you live and where SnapTikTok operates.

Intellectual Property Safeguarding

SnapTikTok is fully committed to respecting trademark rights and following trademark laws. The name “SnapTikTok” was carefully created by us and should only be used in relation to our products and services. It’s important to use this name correctly and not associate it with anyone else. Remember to follow our guidelines when mentioning our services, SnapTikTok, and any content or materials related to SnapTikTok.

(2) Copyright

SnapTik values copyright rules highly and always follows them closely to ensure that they are respected.

(3) Utilization License

You can download stuff from SnapTik App for your personal use only. Remember, it’s just a temporary pass, not a gift. So, don’t go around sharing it or using it for business purposes.

(4) Disclaimer

SnapTikTok values users’ desire to protect their rights to credit and integrity in their creative work. The app aims to support users who claim ownership of the content and materials they share. snaptiktok does not guarantee any warranties, explicitly rejecting all other warranties, including those related to marketability, suitability for specific purposes, or infringement of intellectual property rights. Additionally, SnapTiktok does not make claims about the accuracy, potential outcomes, or reliability of using the content and materials on its platform or related platforms.

Preservation of Privacy

SnapTikTok follows strict guidelines to protect user information, ensuring that personal data remains private and secure. This means implementing strong measures to maintain confidentiality and never sharing information with outside parties under any circumstances.

Veracity of Content and Materials

The stuff you see on SnapTik might have some small mistakes here and there, like technical errors or typos. Just so you know, SnapTik doesn’t promise that everything on their app is totally accurate or up-to-date. But they can change things on the app without telling anyone beforehand.


SnapTikTok is not responsible for any sites it links to or their content. Clicking on a link doesn’t mean SnapTikTok endorses it. Users are solely responsible for choosing to visit linked websites.

Dynamic Terms of Use

SnapTikTok can change the rules whenever they want without any time limits. They will let you know about any changes by posting on the website, sending a message when you log in, or emailing you. It’s important to keep up to date with the rules so you know what’s going on. Make sure your contact details are correct so you don’t miss any updates. Using fake information is not allowed and can get your account suspended.

A note to our visitors

This website has updated its privacy policy in compliance with changes to European Union data protection law, for all members globally. We’ve also updated our Privacy Policy to give you more information about your rights and responsibilities with respect to your privacy and personal information. Please read this to review the updates about which cookies we use and what information we collect on our site. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our updated privacy policy.